A conscious Ocean Day

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If there is a day that must be celebrated in Puerto Vallarta that is World Ocean Day, commemorated on June 8th. This day we remember that Earth is mainly made of water and that water is life so we must give it the importance it deserves.

This celebration shouldn’t be about just going to the beach with our friends and play in the waves or admire how the sunset goes into the ocean providing us stunning views. Today, more than ever, this celebration must be about consciousness.

We’re on the edge of having an irreversible global warming effect and our oceans are one of the most affected by the humans generating this enormous problem. It seems like we owe nature a big favor, don’t you think?

An excellent alternative to help cleaning the water in the oceans and rivers is to make small groups of friends and head to the most polluted beaches, especially with plastic. One of them is Boca de Tomates and we’re sure that above all, you’ll end up having a great time, you’ll exercise and you’ll realize just how much nature needs us these days.

Now that you’ve done something to help and your conscience feels happy, it’s time to celebrate! It’s time to pick between the calm beach of Conchas Chinas with their turquoise waters or the huge beaches of Destiladeras where you’ll be able to walk and walk into the ocean and still have ground at your feet; or how about picking between beers and a fun ambiance at Playa de los Muertos or the crazy waves full of surfers of San Pancho.

Either choice is incredibly beautiful and fun. The ocean will recharge your batteries like it always does, it will leave a smile on your face and a nice tan. Oh and it’s never out of place to remind you that by the time you leave, you make sure to take all your trash with you and make this a habit. Every time you get the chance to gather and clean our beaches, the whole world will be eternally thankful.

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