Dionisio Theater Group Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

The theater group Dionisio Vallartense celebrates its fifth anniversary with the presentation of the comedy TOC 6, original play by Támara Group from Jalostotitlán, Jalisco, next August 12 at the Main Stage of ActII Entertainment at 8:00 pm.

They have obtained several recognitions in the Meeting of Theater of the Interior of Jalisco, between them Better Play and Production

TOC 6, a play with more than 20 performances in eight different cities, tells the story of six people who attend appointment at a psychiatrist who does not appear. Each of them will expose his nervous “TOC” to strangers while they wait; A compulsive obsession with numbers, fear of straight lines, repetition of words, the involuntary act of saying bad words and the fear of germs are part of the problems that each of the protagonists presents in this award-winning comedy.

“For us it is a great pleasure that the members of Támara Group have agreed to appear as special guests to our celebration. We consider them very talented exponents of the theatrical movement of the interior of Jalisco and key piece for its constant evolution. When we saw this comedy at the Jalisco Interior Theater Meeting, we immediately thought we had to bring it to Puerto Vallarta so that they could enjoy it here, “says Juan Pablo Hernández, one of the directors of Grupo Dionisio Theater. The Támara Group, made up of actors from San Juan de los Lagos and Jalostotitlán, has more than ten years performing theater culture in the interior of Jalisco.

Dionisio Theater Group Career

Dionisio Theater Group was founded in 2012 with the installation of the play Abuelita de Batman by Alejandro Licona. Later they presented The Law of Ranchero by Hugo Salcedo, The Anecdotes of the Member of his own creation, The Man Without Adjectives by Mario Cantú, The Tramoyanas by Juan Pablo Hernández and this year they premiered The Burning Stigma by Rogelio Borra. They have obtained several recognitions in the Meeting of Theater of the Interior of Jalisco, between them “Better Play and Production. Nowadays they are working to consolidate their work in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Act II Entertainment, Romantic Zone
Basilio Badillo 333, Col. Emiliano Zapata


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8:00 P.M.
Email: juan_pablo_h@hotmail.com

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