4th of July Vallarta Style


There is one day that, if not an official celebration to us, it is a day with a significant importance to the Vallarta people.

4th of July is the day when thousands of our expat friends living in the city need to feel patriotic, something that brings them closer to their roots; and we’d love to help you out with some advice to bring you a little piece of America in Mexico.

We know that Independence Day is synonym of fireworks, party and lots of food, and it doesn’t matter that you’re far away from your country, you don’t have to miss this experience.

Do not miss the hamburgers!

Burgers are a dish that can’t be missed at any American celebration and here in Mexico not everything is tacos, we also know how to make amazing burgers. Proof of this is Pancho Villa Burgers, located in Fluvial. They have a burger for every taste and their buns are homemade and fresh, every day. We’re sure you’ll feel like home when you try this treat.

Marigalante is an ideal choice to relive your summer memories in your hometown. Lots of fireworks, food feasts that even though they won’t be cooked by mom, are definitely worth it and of course, beers for the party, all of this on a ship that’s an exact replica of the famous Cristopher Columbus’ Santa Maria. On top of it, there’s a pirate show included in this fun day and the chance to meet new friends that are in the same situation as you.

This sure will be a happy 4th of July!

Of course you’ll feel like partying on! If you like wild things, you can’t miss the nights at Zoo Dance Bar, a huge nightclub right at the malecón with an ambiance like no other, lots of pop and reggaeton music and surrounded by pretty people looking for a good time.
You’ll feel just like home but even better, around the Mexican heat and the nice lifestyle of our beaches. This sure will be a happy 4th of July!

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