Let´s Celebrate Grandparents

They are the best!


There are two people that will pamper us more than anyone else in the world and they are our grandpa and grandma. We all have the nicest memories in our grandparents home, where we were allowed to do anything we liked, we could eat only what we craved and we could play and watch television and never do any homework.

All these happy memories have to be appreciated and we have to give back some of that love, that’s why is important to have a grandparents day to celebrate them exclusively and that day is this August 28th.

If you live outside, what do you think about bringing your grandparents over to the beach for that day? In Vallarta, that day would be spectacular and you would never forget it. In the bay, we have lots of calm and relaxing activities for the most breezy grandparents and also upbeat and fun activities for the ones that still have their batteries fully charged.

Where to go?

A visit to the Puerto Vallarta botanical garden is an ideal plan for the family. It’s one of the most important botanical gardens in Mexico and they’re in charge of the propagation, study, discovery, conservation and display of Mexican native plants for the enjoyment of Puerto Vallarta´s residents and our visitors. They also have built the most-visited public collection of orchids in Mexico.

It’s never late to give the body a little rhythm and we have the perfect place to go party with grandpa and grandma. Ándale’s is a bar in the romantic zone that’s usually packed with people over 50 but this is no reason to think it’s boring. This bar has more party, good music and dancing than any teenage club and any person in their thirties would die to spend a night here, and even better with our grandparents.

And of course tan a trip to Puerto Vallarta is not complete without a beach and we’d like to recommend you to get to know the lovely Destiladeras beach. This is a huge beach with all the calmness and family ambiance that is required for such a celebration; the water is calm and with no big waves, the sand is nice and has a light color and the rock formations give this place a very special touch.

Now the trip is complete!

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