National Whiskey Sour Day

One of the most popular drinks!


It’s time to celebrate with one of the most popular drinks of the planet, the whiskey.  August 25th is coming, the day we celebrate the Whiskey Sour, the delicious cocktail that came out of the unexpected to conquer the world.

The Whiskey Sour is a famous cocktail that originated in Iquique, a Chilean city nowadays but part of Peru at the time of the drink invention. It contains Bourbon whiskey, lime juice, sugar and you may add some egg white. You shake it and pour it straight or on the rocks, garnishing with an orange slice and a cherry.

We know that the craving is bad now and you’re already looking for the ingredients in your fridge but wait a little to learn a bit about its story and know more of what you’ll be drinking.

According to a Peruvian newspaper published between 1874 and 1879, the name and mixing of the Whiskey Sour was an invention of the English barman Eliott Stubb who was experimenting in the shaker with whiskey and lime and he managed to surpass the exquisite flavour of all his other combinations he used to give his clients. Then he decided to sweet it up and added sugar, a little ice, more whiskey and shook for a few seconds, tasting the most amazing drink he had ever tasted.

Now you do deserve your reward so we’ll leave here the recipe for this treat that you can enjoy watching a great sunset.


With ice in our shaker, we pour the next ingredients: 2 parts of Bourbon whiskey, one part of lime juice and 2 sugar tablespoons. Shake and with the strainer still on, pour the mix in a cocktail glass or a whiskey glass, previously freshened up and we’ll finish decorating with a lime slice and a cherry.
Cheers and happy National Whiskey Sour day!

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