Let’s Celebrate Chocolate


Even though chocolate is commonly eaten for pleasure, there are some beneficial effects on health linked to its consumption.

Chocolate is one of the most authentic foods in the Mexican cuisine, it’s something that identifies us all over the world besides mariachi and tequila. And even though the most famous chocolate houses in the world are the Belgian, Swiss or French, we have to remember that this tasty treat comes from our Mexican ancestors and pass the word gladly.

Chocolate is part of our history

The olmecs in Tabasco were the first to have the pleasure of the chocolate drink, mixing ground cacao with water and different spices, almost 4 thousand years ago. If there’s a millenary tradition in our culture it’s the consumption of this delicacy that drives millions of people crazy all over the planet.

Something that we love about chocolate is that it fits every taste, you can either eat it or drink it, it can be cheap or expensive, in powder or bar, the choices are unlimited!

Black chocolate is the purest one, nothing is added and on top, is considered to be an aphrodisiac. Chocolate with milk is the most popular in the market, it’s sweeter and it usually has less than 40% of cacao. There’s also white chocolate with powder milk and there’s even a pink chocolate gotten from the seed of the ruby cocoa.

Chocolate also benefits you

Even though chocolate is commonly eaten for pleasure, there are some beneficial effects on health linked to its consumption. The cacao or black chocolate are beneficial for the circulatory system, they have anti cancer effects and act as brain stimulators. A study broadcasted by the BBC stated that melting chocolate in someone’s mouth produces an increase in the brain activity and heart rate, more intensely than a passionate kiss would and lasted four times longer. It’s also interesting having discovered that chocolate can be effective to prevent cough. It was found that theobromine, a component of chocolate, was more effective than codeine by almost a third, codeine being the leader medicine for cough.

It seems like this is a marvel and it really is. Just to be sure, you only have to travel to Oaxaca and try one of the most elaborated and exquisite inventions in world gastronomy: the black mole, which has chocolate among its 34 ingredients and it’s an essential part of its incredible flavor.

We’re sure that you’re mouthwatering big time now and many of the chocolate varieties can be found in Puerto Vallarta so give yourself a treat and try all you can. Bon appetit!

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