High season in Puerto Vallarta


High season is about to come!

This won’t be the first time you’ll hear that Vallarta changes drastically during the high season, it’s well known that it’s not the same without all of our northern friends, it’s a fact that we miss them!

Truth be told, our city is full of charm all year long but during the high season is when it becomes more lively. Our mountains are greener than ever, the rains are not pouring any more, they only give us a fresh feeling that we appreciate so much and waking up to the morning breeze it’s priceless, the heat is lower and lets us enjoy more our walks, we are still getting nice rays to get the perfect tan but so much more relaxed to enjoy the day without burning, all of the bars and restaurants are open and full of people. We think it’s only good things coming on!

Starting in October, we can enjoy all of this and once you’re here, you won’t have a doubt that this is the best season to come visit and we’re more than happy to welcome all of our tourist friends.

Holidays like Mexican Independence Day which has a parade along Downtown, fireworks and lots of parties all around Vallarta or Día de Muertos which gets tons of altars and offerings, catrinas and lots of other costumes, are around the corner and these are days where you can’t help but going out to the streets and live the folklore and culture of the Mexican people at its best; these are perfect days to hang out with Mexicans and foreigners from all over the planet, remember that you’re at the friendliest city of the world!

To be perfectly honest, we’re all waiting for the high season to come. We want to have our streets full with people from different cultures, to hear dozens of languages while we walk on the street, to see parties and music in every corner of the romantic zone, to feel the atmosphere at our beaches and so much more.

Keep coming to Vallarta because we’re waiting for you with arms wide open!

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