There’s also rock in PV


This day is like no other day, this day has to be celebrated in a proper way, with lots of rock on the beach!

Yes, we know we are in Mexico and tourists expect to hear music that’s original to the place they’re in. They want to walk through the malecón and have some marimba in the background or be in front of the Guadalupe church and not be able to imagine other soundtrack for that moment than a good Jalisco mariachi. And of course they will listen to that and that we love to show off our musical talents but we know that there’s different kinds of people and in this city, we like to please everybody. This is why we will recommend you the best places to listen to rock music and have a unique night jumping to the rhythm of electric guitars.

World Rock Day is celebrated on July the 13th of each year and this date was chosen to commemorate the mega rock concert Live Aid, which happened on July 13th , 1985 simultaneously in Philadelphia and London with the iconic performances of the great ones of the moment like Queen, Phil Collins, U2, The Who y Led Zepellin. This day is like no other day, this day has to be celebrated in a proper way, with lots of rock on the beach!

International Rock Day is best enjoyed at Casa Bar

Casa Bar is a rock sanctuary in Puerto Vallarta, their loyal customers don’t miss a single live concert. It is well known that if we want to listen to good rock we have to come to this place and see The Change, a Mexican band that plays not only rock but they also explore reggae, blues, oldies and pop. And Casa Bar is not only a treat for the ears, your mouth will also be happy with their wings, burgers, cocktails and beers.

McCarthy’s is an Irish pub that is definitely a breath of fresh air in the bay’s musical scene. With an urban and relaxed concept, it’s ideal for having great American food on a good price and choosing among their variety of beers. You obviously have to go when their live band is there, the tributes to great rock legends like Metallica are a must, the acoustic is pretty good for a bar and the ambiance is nothing short of a proper concert.

Let’s enjoy one of the most passionate musical genres in one of the cities with the most vibrant nightlife of the world!

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