World Tourism Day


This September 27th the world will celebrate a day that is very special, particularly for the people in Vallarta, World Tourism Day.

We literally live off what tourism gives us, so we have to fully understand what this means for our sake, this means that we have to take good care of our streets so they’re decent, it means to have our oceans and rivers clean so they are safe for swimming and for our wildlife, it means to always smile to that person that made the effort to come to our city and know what we have to offer. This is why we have to be conscious about what tourism means to us and leverage this in the best way we can.

Puerto Vallarta is a city that can be enjoyed in different ways throughout the year but it’s during the high season when the huge groups of American, Canadian, Mexican and European tourists come to our beaches and the bay gets a special color and vibe. You can live the music and party at every corner!

You won’t feel crowded at any moment but you’ll be able to find friends from unexpected places like Finland or Israel, like the teenagers that are eager to party wild at the nightclubs or the retired that are not willing to miss any of the gourmet restaurants we have in the city.

Puerto Vallarta is a unique destination, it’s a beach city with a colonial little town feeling at the same time; the most Mexican and authentic next to the cosmopolitan and edgy. It’s no wonder that this is one of the most wanted destinations in Mexico and the favorite to-go place for hundreds of thousands of our Northern neighbors that come here to get some of the old good Mexican lifestyle.

We just need to always have in mind that in order to keep on being a touristic power we have to continue with what’s made us famous: the good service, the smiles when we meet on the street, the tasty food and the immediate brotherhood we feel with our tourist friends.

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